Back At it Again

How are all of my wonderful and radiant socialites doing?! I miss you all! I know it’s been a while since I last posted on my blog (my time had been very limited leading up to graduation) and I kind of needed a break from my everyday routine. Mentally, physically and emotionally I felt the overwhelming necessity to recharge as well as re-center my life.  In doing so, it appeared as if life itself shifted— and as a result, my perspectives became clearer. Important takeaways I’d like to share from my semi- reality getaway are:

  1. Life is finite and precious

Naturally, we as humans have the tendency to take things for granted only to have a tragic event remind us that nothing is promised. Yes, we all hope and expect to live long, abundant lives and in this way of thinking, may lead one to procrastinate. Instead, approach life with a “being in the moment” attitude! We live in a social media/ technological era and the pressure to constantly be connected to a device can make a person lost in the sauce. Instead of spending mindless time scrolling down timelines, why not make the most of the timeline for your life. If it’s within reach, go for it. If it’s not quite within reach, GO FOR IT.

Invest in yourself; health, knowledge and wealth 🙂

  1. Value your network

Those that you keep close to you in your circle are SO important for several reasons. Of course different networks fulfill different purposes, but they all are nonetheless vital to your growth and success. They serve as supporters and resources in your aspirations that were built upon a common connecting factor. Challenge yourself and your network to expand not only in numbers but in experience and diversity too. Keep in mind that networks are meant to be beneficial and as you receive you also must give. Remain genuine and the meaningful relations will flourish.

  1. Fall in love with yourself

You should be head over heels, incessantly enamored with every little thing about you! Not in a narcissistic way at all but more so in a harmonious infatuation type of way. Love is such a beautiful thing to witness and when it’s within you; there is nothing that can stop you. You subsequently learn to put yourself first and become more confident (which is a sexy trait in my book).

Love is synonymous to happiness and we can never get enough of that. Be in a 100% committed relationship with you. From time to time, set dates with yourself and keep them. Trust me, love is powerful.

All in all, I encourage all of my readers to occasionally take the time to step back and reflect. Especially during times of anxiousness. Refocus if you need to and make the proper adjustments to avoid lackadaisical time spent.

Have reflections to share? Comment below!