Body Massages and What to Expect


Ladies love to rave about indulging themselves in a nice deep tissue massage but how many ever act on it? I decided to finally walk the talk and pamper myself for a moment because why? – I deserved it. Here are some things to know if you plan on getting a massage for the first time!


Book an appointment: Some salons are generous enough to let patrons walk right in but for planning purposes, it’s always better to book in advance. This way you can take advantage of any deals going on at the moment but most importantly your able to secure your own spot.

Dress Code/ Attire: Wear something you feel comfortable in when going but it essentially doesn’t matter since you’ll be stripping down anyway. Depending on where you go, there may be additional under garments and a robe provided but don’t count on it (With a reserving a spot, you can also find this out too).

One Hour Minimum: Time goes by incredibly fast when getting a massage and you’ll most likely not want it to end. I recommend nothing less than an hour because if you plan to spoil yourself it’s by law to not sell yourself short. One hour is ample time to thoroughly work out all the knots and tension built up in the body muscles while relaxing yourself in such a peaceful environment.

 Speak up: Each masseuse operates differently and since it’s a service, please make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. With that being said, if you feel like the masseuse is or is not applying enough pressure, communicate that. They look for feedback and are there to please you.

Some will even allow you to play music from your own devices so have a nice soothing playlist ready.

Brace Yourself: The massage should have your body feeling as light as a feather. However,  from the different techniques, you may either squirm; become ticklish, sore or all of the above. Be aware of your reflexes and this is also a topic to be talked about beforehand.

If hot stones are used, a masseuse will ask what levels of heat you can withstand.


Enjoy the ambience and leave your worries behind. You’ll be so glad you finally treated yourself!



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