Earth’s Condition

The condition of our environment is becoming a pressing issue that world leaders are starting to address. We share planet Earth and as global citizens it is our duty to protect, nurture and sustain it for future generations. It seems more and more of our population makes less of an effort to contribute to keeping our earth clean. This planet does not belong to one individual but for the masses in our ecosystem that live today, came before and will come after.

As a regular human being the steps that everyone can incorporate into their daily lives are simple.

Recycling- The average human generates 4.3 pounds of trash per day ( According to Duke University’s study for Center of Sustainability). There are only so many landfills created on this earth that are designated to storing the trash. Now think of the difference you can make if the trash made could be reused for another product to be consumed. Many institutions, businesses and establishments now provide waste bins that allow people to recycle. Separating the materials used may not be an initial reaction when on the go, but consider the long term affects if you mindlessly continue to throw your trash in the same landfill as opposed to making a contribution to reducing the trash and using it for sustainability. * Littering is a part of this too and has an even worse effect on the other species we share the earth with. Simply put, keep our Earth clean.

Carbon Footprints- Climate change has been a factor for decades and is also an issue to seriously be aware of. Glaciers are disseminating and the species who live in these parts of the world are losing a home. Animals are becoming cannibals and going after their own kind due to limited resources. It’s terrible to witness and it’s only getting worse. Please be advised, the following video may be graphic to some audiences.

This is the destruction we’re causing to our Earth. It’s time to wake up and be aware of the choices we’re making and the effects they have. #MakeaChange



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