Why I Never Got a Tattoo

Today’s generation is all about self expression, self love and the candidness surrounding identity. While I’m all for the authentic creative expressions, I’m definitely not with the conformity aspect. I admire the people who makes choices based upon their own belief system and what they value. A common behavior that the American culture is enamoured with are tattoos.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with adding artwork onto your body, I just know personally it’s not for me. There is absolutely no phrase or image that I need PERMANENTLY. INKED. ON. MY. BODY. To think, later in life you might not even recognize what it originally was thanks to old age. Also often times people go through phases and what was important to you at 18 is completely different from the person you are now.

Religiously speaking, your body is a temple that you should respect. A temple with graffiti in ways, diminishes its value. Or as some people like to think, ” You wouldn’t put a bumper sticker on a BMW”.

Tattoos are a bold statement that some people are not willing to wear, so please respect the choice.


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