Erasing Information Overload

Nowadays it seems like you can’t go anywhere without being bombarded with an advertisement there, an article here and social media now practically being everywhere. It’s kind of hard to digest all these outlets in a day while still being productive and on task for what truly needs to be accomplished.


Fun fact, did you know Americans on average spend roughly 5 hours a day on their phones? That’s quite a bit of spare time. Think of the personal goals you set for yourself and then actually working towards them during this idle time. For most people, the time spent on their phones is to kill time, but there is no point in wasting time when you can utilize it for a greater good.


A lot of what traps people into spending mindless hours on their phone is the shared content with little to no filling. If you are to surf the web, topics that are important to allocate some time to during the day are

  1. A) Local, national and global news events
  2. B) What’s going on in your field/ industry
  3. C) Posts related to your hobbies or side hustle etc.


Every now and then it’s okay to give into your guilty pleasures like Twitter, Youtube and Instagram but don’t let that occupy the bulk of your time. We’re all given the same amount of hours in a day; however some people simply know how to use them better. Learn to use your time online for purposes that make you a better person with greater new found knowledge.


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