Dealing with a Difficult Person

Not everyone you cross paths with in life will see eye to eye or be buddy-buddy with you and that’s perfectly fine. We all have different views, tastes and preferences which makes diversity a pretty awesome thing. However what happens when there’s a person who you’re forced to deal with on a consistent basis that can possibly be a person disguised by the devil? No need to fret, here are some things you can do to help foster a better relationship.



Yes this may be cliché, but it is unbelievably true; “communication is [a major]  key”. It’s a quote even Dj Khaled would put his stamp of approval on. Most problems between people occur because there is a lack of communication and sometimes unspoken rules for communicating or interacting will come about. When this happens, a typical outcome is disaster. Be the bigger person and take time to try and understand the person and their point of view. Speaking about it will give you a better understanding where the issue is coming from. When there is tension between two people, it usually stems off from a more internal issue from the other person, so don’t take it personal. Talk it out and aim for reaching a solution.


Stand Your Ground

There is no need to feel defensive but in times like this, it’s imperative to not compromise who you truly are as a person. Stand your ground about whatever your stance on the issue maybe but be understanding and reasonable enough to compromise. In some cases if not all, it’s better to be viewed as an assh*le instead of a pathetic person who couldn’t stand up for themselves. It’s more respectable.


Reach Out

There’s no one-fits-all solution for disputes but there are people who may know you personally and can give you better advice than any column can. Reach out to someone you can trust for advice and counsel so that you can get an even better plan for course of action. Nothing is worse than acting off of an irrational impulse to soon later regret what you did in the first place. Think it through and know it’s okay to vent. Ain’t no shame in reaching out for advice since a person has probably went through a similar situation and  can let you know what they did and how the outcome turned out.


Discover the Lesson

People aren’t put into your life for no apparent reason and anyone you meet can either be categorized as a lesson or blessin’. For a difficult person who seems to be challenging you in any way possible, consider this a valuable lesson. There are many takeaways that are gained, like: being more self-aware, understanding your interpersonal skills and learning how to cope. The only person you’re guaranteed to spend the rest of your life with is yourself, so be assured to know that the difficult person in your life now, won’t last forever.


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