Valentine’s Day or Single Awareness Day?



Depending on how you view this holiday, it can either be an anticipated and rejoiced event or  simply one of the most pointless days in the year. Nonetheless, this is a day about love and everyone can use some of that. Here are some things you can still do with that special someone or even for yourself to show how much you care.

Romantic Dinner Date 

You can be fancy or keep it simple, just make sure it comes from the heart. You can set the mood with a dinner by candle light, a creatively delicious home cooked meal or even a trip to Red Lobster as some options. There are many perks from each, it’s all a matter of what you’re into. The best part is dessert which is always the best thing to indulge in.

Buying Flowers

Flowers are a kind gesture and a nice token of appreciation. They light up a room and can make a person feel special since this isn’t a gift a person receives often. It’s cute and adding a box of chocolate can be the final touch.

An Exciting Adventure

Do something spontaneous; an outing you wouldn’t typically do otherwise. This is the day to spice things up. There are many things to choose from like going out to see a movie, a museum or a night out on the town. Gather with friends and loved ones, grab a glass of wine and enjoy what will be a night to remember.

However you spend Valentine’s Day, remember it is a day of love. One of the most important types of love is self-love so remember to take care of yourself. Treat yourself and or someone you admire today.



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