Pantene, #StrongIsBeautiful


Have you checked out Pantene’s latest campaign, Strong is Beautiful recently? It sure is worth watching. With Super Bowl 50 just hours away, Pantene has teamed up with some of the most toughest dads in the NFL to prove that girls who spend quality time with their dads grow up to be stronger women. Now isn’t that a great message for social progress!

This campaign also captures important issues that the general public may not instantly realize.

Role Models for the Next Generation

This campaign encourages fathers to build and foster relationships with their daughters for the purpose of positive character building. Dad’s don’t always have to be so emasculate and fall into their gender roles because of their ego or society’s expectations, but instead learn how to involve their daughter’s into their lives more. To little girls, they often look up to their dad’s as their superhero and anytime they are able spend with their “hero” is precious. It’s not guaranteed that the hairstyle will have a girls’ hair slayed but who cares, a “dad-do” can do. The main point is that dad’s are setting an example, that we all can break down barriers and pass onto the next generation the new idea of strong.

Diminishing Gender Inequality

The father-daughter relationship is a bond that is unique to the individual and can impact a young girl’s outlook on life and more importantly, herself. Studies have shown that establishing a healthy relationship between a father and daughter is important because it affects a girl’s confidence and self-esteem later down the road in life. While roles of dads and moms are changing in our society today, a father-daughter relationship is definitely empowering. The new sense of self will allow young girls and women to consider themselves an equal to their male counterparts. Why? Because they are.

Check out the video for yourself and see why Strong is indeed Beautiful.






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