Blogs serve as a place for anyone to have a voice which is important because everyone has an opinion. There is so much going on in the world and the more people that weigh in can influence what the next event, outcome or trend in the world may be. This is why SocialiteSpeaking was created.

What is SocialiteSpeaking?

This site is a platform for millennials to discuss whatever pressing topic deserves attention. The goal is to have readers feel inclined to make a difference or if anything use the information shared to better their own lives. Readers will be informed on what’s going on in the world from sports to politics, health/ beauty/fashion, education, finance and music and entertainment. Essentially, this a lifestyle blog so the topics will be about things you can relate to.

What you can expect from SocialiteSpeaking? 

Articles, tips, videos and more will be shared twice a week typically on Tuesday and Sunday. This blog is meant to be interactive, so feel free to comment and subscribe because I would love to hear what you have to say! #SocialiteSpeaking




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