Why I Never Got a Tattoo

Today’s generation is all about self expression, self love and the candidness surrounding identity. While I’m all for the authentic creative expressions, I’m definitely not with the conformity aspect. I admire the people who makes choices based upon their own belief system and what they value. A common behavior that the American culture is enamoured with are tattoos.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with adding artwork onto your body, I just know personally it’s not for me. There is absolutely no phrase or image that I need PERMANENTLY. INKED. ON. MY. BODY. To think, later in life you might not even recognize what it originally was thanks to old age. Also often times people go through phases and what was important to you at 18 is completely different from the person you are now.

Religiously speaking, your body is a temple that you should respect. A temple with graffiti in ways, diminishes its value. Or as some people like to think, ” You wouldn’t put a bumper sticker on a BMW”.

Tattoos are a bold statement that some people are not willing to wear, so please respect the choice.


Blackest Black History Month Ever

This month has been nothing short of Black Excellence being magnified, celebrated and unapologetically embraced. We live in a time where social injustice is brought to the nation’s forefront and so are the Black voices that call for change. Many notable black figures reminded America, why this month is still relevant with impactful expressions in various forms. Here are some of the best moments highlighted for 2016’s Black History Month.

The Obama’s Still Giving Hope 

Virginia McLurin, a 106 year old woman was able to live  her dream, of what so many wish; visiting the White House and meeting our POTUS, Barack Obama and First Lady, Michelle.

106 YEAR OLD Woman Meets Pres. Obama

Flint, Michigan Water Crisis

As tragic as what some may call a, conspiracy for the city’s genocide has been,  many organizations are coming together to provide the resources this city so desperately needs. Organizations like Def Jam have come together to show their support in every way possible and put in end to the city’s corruption.

Beyonce’ Back At It Again: Formation

Undeniably some powerful visual statements made by Queen B in her latest Formation music video that brought even more controversy when performed during the Super Bowl 50 Halftime. You mix that Bey with that Black History Month, you get a trap anthem for black girls to slay to.

Beyonce On Fire

Boycotting the Oscars

Jada Pinkett and Will Smith, one of Hollywood’s beloved couples were the beginning pioneers to make the decision to boycott this year’s Oscars  due to lack of diversity. Surprisingly (or to no surprise), not a single black actor/ actress was nominated for an acting category; failing to recognize the diverse talent. The Academy’s president, Cheryl Isaac Boone, also the first African American to hold this title, however promises to take “dramatic steps” to fixing the inequalities.

Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy Performance

Kendrick went OFF on his Grammy performance and rightfully so. Addressing topics of black incarceration, social movements like the recent #HandsUpDontShoot revolution and even taking us back to our roots with tribal dances that left the audience speechless.

The GRAMMYs kendrick lamar grammys 2016

We still look to rectify the issues that have stemmed from our past but Black History Month will always be a time to amplify awareness and spread cognizance globally.

“Do black people have a history? There have always been doubters”
– Martha S. Jones, a professor of history law and Afro-American and African Studies at the
University of Michigan, CNN News.
Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions of this year’s Black History Month. #SocialiteSpeaking


Erasing Information Overload

Nowadays it seems like you can’t go anywhere without being bombarded with an advertisement there, an article here and social media now practically being everywhere. It’s kind of hard to digest all these outlets in a day while still being productive and on task for what truly needs to be accomplished.


Fun fact, did you know Americans on average spend roughly 5 hours a day on their phones? That’s quite a bit of spare time. Think of the personal goals you set for yourself and then actually working towards them during this idle time. For most people, the time spent on their phones is to kill time, but there is no point in wasting time when you can utilize it for a greater good.


A lot of what traps people into spending mindless hours on their phone is the shared content with little to no filling. If you are to surf the web, topics that are important to allocate some time to during the day are

  1. A) Local, national and global news events
  2. B) What’s going on in your field/ industry
  3. C) Posts related to your hobbies or side hustle etc.


Every now and then it’s okay to give into your guilty pleasures like Twitter, Youtube and Instagram but don’t let that occupy the bulk of your time. We’re all given the same amount of hours in a day; however some people simply know how to use them better. Learn to use your time online for purposes that make you a better person with greater new found knowledge.

Dealing with a Difficult Person

Not everyone you cross paths with in life will see eye to eye or be buddy-buddy with you and that’s perfectly fine. We all have different views, tastes and preferences which makes diversity a pretty awesome thing. However what happens when there’s a person who you’re forced to deal with on a consistent basis that can possibly be a person disguised by the devil? No need to fret, here are some things you can do to help foster a better relationship.



Yes this may be cliché, but it is unbelievably true; “communication is [a major]  key”. It’s a quote even Dj Khaled would put his stamp of approval on. Most problems between people occur because there is a lack of communication and sometimes unspoken rules for communicating or interacting will come about. When this happens, a typical outcome is disaster. Be the bigger person and take time to try and understand the person and their point of view. Speaking about it will give you a better understanding where the issue is coming from. When there is tension between two people, it usually stems off from a more internal issue from the other person, so don’t take it personal. Talk it out and aim for reaching a solution.


Stand Your Ground

There is no need to feel defensive but in times like this, it’s imperative to not compromise who you truly are as a person. Stand your ground about whatever your stance on the issue maybe but be understanding and reasonable enough to compromise. In some cases if not all, it’s better to be viewed as an assh*le instead of a pathetic person who couldn’t stand up for themselves. It’s more respectable.


Reach Out

There’s no one-fits-all solution for disputes but there are people who may know you personally and can give you better advice than any column can. Reach out to someone you can trust for advice and counsel so that you can get an even better plan for course of action. Nothing is worse than acting off of an irrational impulse to soon later regret what you did in the first place. Think it through and know it’s okay to vent. Ain’t no shame in reaching out for advice since a person has probably went through a similar situation and  can let you know what they did and how the outcome turned out.


Discover the Lesson

People aren’t put into your life for no apparent reason and anyone you meet can either be categorized as a lesson or blessin’. For a difficult person who seems to be challenging you in any way possible, consider this a valuable lesson. There are many takeaways that are gained, like: being more self-aware, understanding your interpersonal skills and learning how to cope. The only person you’re guaranteed to spend the rest of your life with is yourself, so be assured to know that the difficult person in your life now, won’t last forever.

Valentine’s Day or Single Awareness Day?



Depending on how you view this holiday, it can either be an anticipated and rejoiced event or  simply one of the most pointless days in the year. Nonetheless, this is a day about love and everyone can use some of that. Here are some things you can still do with that special someone or even for yourself to show how much you care.

Romantic Dinner Date 

You can be fancy or keep it simple, just make sure it comes from the heart. You can set the mood with a dinner by candle light, a creatively delicious home cooked meal or even a trip to Red Lobster as some options. There are many perks from each, it’s all a matter of what you’re into. The best part is dessert which is always the best thing to indulge in.

Buying Flowers

Flowers are a kind gesture and a nice token of appreciation. They light up a room and can make a person feel special since this isn’t a gift a person receives often. It’s cute and adding a box of chocolate can be the final touch.

An Exciting Adventure

Do something spontaneous; an outing you wouldn’t typically do otherwise. This is the day to spice things up. There are many things to choose from like going out to see a movie, a museum or a night out on the town. Gather with friends and loved ones, grab a glass of wine and enjoy what will be a night to remember.

However you spend Valentine’s Day, remember it is a day of love. One of the most important types of love is self-love so remember to take care of yourself. Treat yourself and or someone you admire today.


Pantene, #StrongIsBeautiful


Have you checked out Pantene’s latest campaign, Strong is Beautiful recently? It sure is worth watching. With Super Bowl 50 just hours away, Pantene has teamed up with some of the most toughest dads in the NFL to prove that girls who spend quality time with their dads grow up to be stronger women. Now isn’t that a great message for social progress!

This campaign also captures important issues that the general public may not instantly realize.

Role Models for the Next Generation

This campaign encourages fathers to build and foster relationships with their daughters for the purpose of positive character building. Dad’s don’t always have to be so emasculate and fall into their gender roles because of their ego or society’s expectations, but instead learn how to involve their daughter’s into their lives more. To little girls, they often look up to their dad’s as their superhero and anytime they are able spend with their “hero” is precious. It’s not guaranteed that the hairstyle will have a girls’ hair slayed but who cares, a “dad-do” can do. The main point is that dad’s are setting an example, that we all can break down barriers and pass onto the next generation the new idea of strong.

Diminishing Gender Inequality

The father-daughter relationship is a bond that is unique to the individual and can impact a young girl’s outlook on life and more importantly, herself. Studies have shown that establishing a healthy relationship between a father and daughter is important because it affects a girl’s confidence and self-esteem later down the road in life. While roles of dads and moms are changing in our society today, a father-daughter relationship is definitely empowering. The new sense of self will allow young girls and women to consider themselves an equal to their male counterparts. Why? Because they are.

Check out the video for yourself and see why Strong is indeed Beautiful.








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